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R, R, Left, Right, L, L

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Q: How do you get the hunter in gta lcs for ps2?
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What is the cheat to get a hunter in Grand Theft Auto lcs ps2?

there is no cheat for the hunter helicopter in gta lcs you can get it after passing the final mission at the airport

Can you download a gta lcs?

Yes you can but ONLY for the following platforms: PC, PS2

Is there a cheat to get the hunter in gta lcs psp?

No, the only way you can get a hunter is edson carters cheat device from

Where to find a hunter in gta lcs?

Download a game save or use the cheat device.

How can you get a hunter helicopter in gta lcs psp?

you have to do a mission in the churc hcalled false idol

Is there a walkthrough to get a hunter in gta lcs?

dude u cant get any flying vehicle in that game

Can you show me cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto lcs on ps2?

u wanna cheat of psy for gta

What is better GTA vcs or GTA lcs?

in gta lcs you can't swim but in gta vcs you can swim and in gta lcs the missions are quite easier but in gta vcs there are more challenging missions and harder in gta vcs the weapons are so cool.

Is there a cheat for gta lcs on ps2 where you can swim?

without a cheat device its impossible unless u sit there repeating the health cheat

What is the cheat code for a helicopter in gta lcs?

But this is the website that gives you all the cheats for ps2

Where is the dumper on gta sa for PS2?

at hunter quarry in las venturas

Are there any flying car cheats on gta lcs ps2 if so what are they?

yes it is: right,r2,o,r1,l2,down,l1,r1