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you have to do a mission in the churc hcalled false idol

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Q: How can you get a hunter helicopter in gta lcs psp?
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Is there a helicopter in gta lcs on psp?


Gta lcs helicopter cheat?

there is no cheat for a psp

How do you get helicopter on gta lcs for psp?

enter the cheat

What is a cheat of getting a helicopter in gta lcs psp?

you just donload the cheat device

Is there a cheat to get the hunter in gta lcs psp?

No, the only way you can get a hunter is edson carters cheat device from

How do you ride the helicopter in GTA LCS on the PSP?

You have to beat a mission.I am not sure which one though.

How do you get a dodo in gta lcs on psp?

You can find a dodo at the airport at shoreside vale it will be where the hunter helicopter is then get down stairs go around the corner and it will be there!!!

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City how to get a helicopter in portland in psp?

how to get a hunter helicopter in gta liberty city stories in portland (psp)

How do you steel a helicopter in gta vice city psp?

You can steal a helicopter from anywhere.The Vercetti mansion have a helicopter on the top.You can go to army base to steal the hunter.

How much does gta lcs psp cost?

$20, but can be found for less

Can you get a helicopter in gta on PSP?

download it

What is the cheat to unlock the bridge in shoreside vale in gta lcs psp?

You Cant???????????