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gta 5

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Q: Which is better Grand Theft Auto5 or Grand Theft Auto sanandreas?
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Will windows7 support grand theft auto5?

There is no GTA5, but if it comes it has to support windows 7.

How do you get in restricted area in Grand Theft Auto sanandreas?

use the hydra to fly there

How many gb is Grand Theft Auto sanandreas?

4.92 GB in pc

Is there a cheat code to spawn a croch rocket in grand theft auto sanandreas?


Is their a Grand Theft Auto game for psp?

Yes, Many of the GTA games such as Grand Theft Auto Sanandreas have been released for PSP.

Can you get Grand Theft Auto Sanandreas on the iPad?

Either you buy it from the AppStore Or jailbreak your ipad

How can you swim in Grand Theft Auto Vice City?

You can't swim.You can do that in GTA SanAndreas.

GTAthe cheat where cj can fly?

if you want cj to fly type this in on google grand theft auto sanandreas or gta sanandreas cheats and the cheat is called jetpack

What is cheats for swimming in Grand Theft Auto vc?

There are no such cheats.You cannot swim in gta VC.You can do that in sanandreas.

What you need to press to start the Cleo mod for Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas?

what cleo mod you got

Which is newer Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto Chinatown wars?

Grand Theft Auto China town wars is much newer than Grand theft auto sanandreas. Gta san Andreas was made in 2005 Chinatown was made in 2009

How do you drive the sumberine in Grand Theft Auto sanandreas?

you need the pc version and you need cleo or cleo 3 for that