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Q: Is there a cheat code to spawn a croch rocket in grand theft auto sanandreas?
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GTAthe cheat where cj can fly?

if you want cj to fly type this in on google grand theft auto sanandreas or gta sanandreas cheats and the cheat is called jetpack

Cheat Grand Theft Auto san andreas for snow mobile?

thereis no snowmobile cheat for gta sanandreas it is simply a mod

What is the helicopter cheat for grand theft auto vice city ps2?

There is no cheat for helicopter in GTA Vice City.You can get plane in gta SanAndreas by jumpjet cheat.

What cheat code do you put in to see Cj drink beer off of Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas?

It's impossible.

What is the cheat of skate board on Grand Theft Auto sanandreas PC?

what is the chaet of skate board on gta san andreas pc

How do you cheat a jet plane grand theft auto vice city stories on psp?

There is no cheat for jet plane in GTA Vice can get it in GTA sanandreas but not in vice city.

What is the swimming cheat for Grand Theft Auto vice city for ps2?

There is no swimming cheat for the game GTA vice city.You can do swimming only in later versions of the game that is SanAndreas.

How do you activate the suspension boosts in Grand Theft Auto sanandreas?

You can activate the suspension boosts in gta San Andrea by using the cheat codes.

Is there any cheat for ghosts in Grand Theft Auto san Andreas?

NO! but you can find one in the jhonson house sometimes you can find a ghost in gta sanandreas

Which is better Grand Theft Auto5 or Grand Theft Auto sanandreas?

gta 5

How do you get hero costumes with cheat in Grand Theft Auto san Andreas?

I think this would be a mod, rather than a cheat. Suggest you have a look at this site and their comprehensive list of mods, to see if they have anything

What is the most popular Grand Theft Auto game?

Grand Theft Auto Sanandreas or Grand Theft Auto 4.

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