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Q: What numbers do you type in your phone to get a tank in gta episodes from Liberty City?
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Enter a cheat on episodes from Liberty City?

Use the keypad on Niko's phone to type in a cheat.

Will your laptop run GTA Episodes from Liberty City?

Yes, my laptop can run GTA Episodes from Liberty City.

Can you be a cop in gta episodes of Liberty City?

no :(

What is the cheat for being a cop in grand theft auto episodes from liberty city?

Anyways, there is no cheat of being a cop in Episodes From Liberty City. That all -gtaivexperts

Is there no cop cheat for gta episodes from Liberty City?


Episodes from Liberty City have 2 players?


How can you hook up trailer's in Episodes From Liberty City?


Do you have to download Episodes from Liberty City?

no u dont its a game

When is episodes from Liberty City coming on PS3 or why isn't it on PS3?


Is GTAepisodes from liberty city like GTAsan Andreas?

No the GTA 4 Episodes for Liberty City is for the PS3 with more technical capabilities. It is different from the GTA Liberty City Stories

Is Liberty City stories good?

no i dont like it but i guess its ok... episodes from liberty city is 1000000000 million times better

How do get a hydra in gta episodes from Liberty City?

i dont know stupid