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Q: Is there no cop cheat for gta episodes from Liberty City?
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What is the cheat for being a cop in grand theft auto episodes from liberty city?

Anyways, there is no cheat of being a cop in Episodes From Liberty City. That all -gtaivexperts

Can you be a cop in gta episodes of Liberty City?

no :(

Is their a cheat in gta Liberty City were you can be a cop?


How can you get into the airport without getting in trouble in GTA Episodes from Liberty City?

I did drive Luis into the airport in a cop car and did not get any problems, but I don't know whether that was just a fluke.

Where do you get a cop uniform and how on gta Liberty City?

Sorry, you actually can't.

How do you become cop in grand theft auto vice city?

you type the clothes cheat in!

Is there a cheat to be a cop on gta4 xbox 360?

No, but you can get cheat to get a FBI Buffalo and it has the cop computer where you can search people and call for back up.

Gta san andreas no cop cheat?

no wanted level cheat-testeducationalskills

What is the no cop cheat in gta 4?

It does not exist

How many episodes of 'Cop Rock' were made?


How do you get johnny in vigilante mode?

You cannot use the cop car vigilante mode in Episodes From Liberty City (The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost & Damned). If Johnny or Luis get in a cop car, they can still call up the computer, but View Most Wanted and View Criminal Activity will come up with an error message. They can still use Search Criminal Records and Call For Backup though.

Is there a cheat in club penguin to become a cop?