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You cant without the cheat device.

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get in police station

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Q: How to get in the police station to get a lcpd heli in gta lcs psp?
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Is LCPD only a mod for gta iv?

no, it's the police force in the game.

Where to get helicopter in gtA Liberty City stories?

on top of rockford lcpd station rooftop

Can you get into lcpd buildings can you get into in gta iv?

You can access the police station in Algonquin area and go upstairs to the helipad. And have a immigration authority annihilator helicopter spawned on the helipad. And it is in one of the cut scenes

Can you become a lcpd in gta iv?


Can you get GTAiv lcpd on ps3?

If you are talking about LCPD:FR or Police Pursuit Mod, then no. The Xbox 360 and PS3 are unmoddable. If you'd like to be a Police Officer in GTA IV then buy the PC version. :-)

Can Niko Bellic join the LCPD in Grand Theft Auto 4?

No, Niko Bellic cannot join the LCPD in GTA 4.

How do you become areal lcpd officer in Grand Theft Auto 4 ps3?

You cannot become a real LCPD Officer on GTA IV.

How do you get into a police station on gta 4 for ps3?

Walk through the door

What is the cheats for the police unofrm in gta vice city?

There is no cheat code for getting a police uniform.You can get one by going to the police station at the Washington Beach.Walk in to the police station and then into the bathroom on the left.

Gta Liberty City stories psp heli cheat?

there is no heli cheat in gra lcs.

Where is the police uniform in gta vice city stories?

The police uniform is at the police station near the bridge.You find that police station while going forward from the road in front of Malibu club.The uniform is in the bathroom on the left when you enter in the police station.

Is there a police stinger in gta 4?

Yes and no. There is a Police Stinger in the DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony, but it is only available in online free mode. The same goes for the LCPD Buffalo. If you would like these in single player, you would have to use trainers or mods.