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No, Niko Bellic cannot join the LCPD in GTA 4.

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No, Niko Bellic cannot join the LCPD in Grand Theft Auto 4. Niko is a criminal seeking vengeance in the game, not a police officer. The game focuses on his life as a criminal, not as a law enforcement officer.

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Q: Can Niko Bellic join the LCPD in Grand Theft Auto 4?
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How do you become areal lcpd officer in Grand Theft Auto 4 ps3?

You cannot become a real LCPD Officer on GTA IV.

Where do you get lcpd helicopters from on Grand Theft Auto iv?

It is possible to get a military helicopter (Annihilator) from the airport. It is also possible to get a normal LCPD chopper (Maverick) from on top of one of the LCPD buildings in Algonquin

Can you be recruited by lcpd in GTAIV?


Can you become a lcpd in gta iv?


Is LCPD only a mod for gta iv?

no, it's the police force in the game.

Does Michelle die in GTAiv?

No,but you find out she's part of the LCPD. Golden Eagle 007$$$

Where to get helicopter in gtA Liberty City stories?

on top of rockford lcpd station rooftop

Can you get into lcpd bulidings in gta iv?

The only time Niko gets into an LCPD building is through cut scenes with Francis McReary. You can get into part of an LCPD building in Algonquin, just up the road from Niko's first safe house there. But you can only go up the stairs and through to the helipad, because eventually an Annihilator helicopter will spawn there (on completion of the game).The cop stations are not accessible as they were in San Andreas.

What does LCPD mean on TJ Hooker?

Lake city police department

How to get in the police station to get a lcpd heli in gta lcs psp?

You cant without the cheat device.

How many officers are there in the LCPD?

There are approximately 40,000 officers in the Liberty City Police Department. It is not known if you can kill all of the officers & agents of the L.C.P.D, F.I.B and N.O.o.S.E .

What are the numbers for 555-recruit in gta 4?

555-7327848= 555-RECRUIT. P.S. this # dont work on single player.