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Q: How do you unlock pilot school in gta san angrages?
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On gta sa where is the pilot school?

in the desert, you have to unlock it

How do you get a pilot licens in gta sa?

go to pilot school, or fly like crazy until your flying skill is high enough. (flying school is unlocked after you unlock las venturas (3rd island))

Where is pilot school in gta sa?

The pilot school is in verdant meadows. If you can buy it, it wuold be a school.of course it is a mission

How do you cheat pilot school in gta sa?

You can't cheat on it, sorry.

Can you book a flight on gta 4?

yes drive to the entree of the pilot school

Do you need pilot license to unlock planes on gta san Andreas?

When CJ gets his pilot's licence by completing all the Flying School lessons, he can not only fly planes and helicopters, but he gets access to the all the airports so that he can fly the planes situated there.

What is the next mission after verdant meadow in gta sa?

The next mission after verdant Meadows is NOE.To unlock this mission you have to get a pilot license by going to flying school in verdant Meadows at the abandoned airstrip that you buy in the mission verdant Meadows.

Is their driving school on the first island in gta san Andreas?

No the Driving School is in San Fiero, the Boating school is in Bayside, and the Pilot School is unlocked in a Las Venturas mission.

What happens after pilot school in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ps2?

Every Plane In Gta San Andreas Will Be Unlocked.

GTA Batman lab how to unlock it?

its a mod.

What is the unlock code of Gta IV?


How do you unlock 2nd island is GTA VCS for PSP?

u unlock it in a mission

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