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When CJ gets his pilot's licence by completing all the Flying School lessons, he can not only fly planes and helicopters, but he gets access to the all the airports so that he can fly the planes situated there.

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Q: Do you need pilot license to unlock planes on gta san Andreas?
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How do you get into locked planes in San Andreas?

how to get pilot lisens

How do i get the planes in Grand Theft Auto unlocked if i already have my license?

In GTA: San Andreas, obtaining the full pilot's licence enables CJ to access all the airports in San Andreas and to fly the planes that are there, together with any other planes in the game, like the Sea Sparrow on the Sherman Dam, for example.

How do you unlock planes?

In every gta game you have to unlock them but in gta 4 you put cheats in. The other gta games you can fly by completing the missions. If you are on about the big passenger planes you cannot fly them in any gta game apart from san Andreas and gta 4 but in gta 4 you have to buy them with Microsoft live points.

What can a pilot do with a pilots license?

You can fly planes with it, retard.

How do you unlock the planes on pilot academy PSP without doing missons?

there is no way

Pilot academy unlock all planes?

you can actually download saved data from this site:

What kinds of planes can you fly with a commercial pilot license?

any plane you want as long as people aren't in it

How do you unlock a plane in grand thef auto san Andreas?

CJ has to get a pilot's licence at "Flying School" in Verdant Meadows before he can fly.

How do you unlock the planes in Easter bay airport in gta san Andreas?

if ur good enough this will work it did with me get a stunt plane and park it in the garage in san firero in ganton

Do you need a valid pilot's license to join the USAF?

Not at all. If you join the Air Force to fly, they will send you to flight school. Now...if you DO have a pilot's license when you join the Air Force, many Air Force bases with flying missions have Aero Clubs, where you can rent planes inexpensively and learn to fly if you don't have a license.

When was Your Pilot's License created?

Your Pilot's License was created in 2003.

How many pages does Your Pilot's License have?

Your Pilot's License has 372 pages.