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Easy just go down to the garage then put the car in, go to the door next door to the garage and it asks to save then say yes if you want to or no if you dont.

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Q: How do you saved game in gta underground 2 in game?
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What is the difference between GTAvc and GTAunderground 2?

there's no such game named as gta underground 2 But there is a mixed version of gta vice city & nfs u2 on the internet

How do you use nitro on gta vc underground 2?


Is gta 2 gta san Andreas?

"no that's gta liberty city.....good game!" no gta 2 is gta 2. literally what its called

Need for speed underground 2 password to install?

what password to install need for speed underground 2

How do you get 2player game on gta vice city stories?

There isn't there any 2 player mode in the gta vc game.You can play multi player in the latest game by Developer that is GTA 5.

Where is the saved game on Sims 2 Deluxe?

It's which ever family you played and saved before exiting the game.

What is password for Grand Theft Auto Vice sity Underground 2 for PC?

care este parola de la gta undergound 2

What racing game has free roam?

There are many Need For Speed(NFS) Titles with free roams.. 1. NFS Underground 2. NFS Underground 2 3. NFS Most Wanted 4. NFS Carbon 5. NFS Undercover 6. NFS Undercover 7. NFS Hot Pursuit There are other non racing genre games that supports Free Roam with cars incase the above game list is not enough : 1. GTA 3 2. GTA Vice City 3. GTA San Andreas 4. GTA 4 5. Saints Row 2 6. Saints Row 3 7. Driver 8. Driver 9. Driver 3 10. Driver Parallel Lines 11. Driver San Fransisco

What kind of game is just cause 2?

Just Cause 2 is a free-roam action game, similar to GTA.

Where you can free download PC game gta 2?

Rockstar Classics website

Which ps2 gta game can you fly planes in?

jet de go 2

How do you get lamborghini's in need for speed underground 2?

BY completing the game