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go to gamesot cheats it has the best cheats ever swear try it ...............

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Q: Gta vcs cheats psp
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In gta vcs can you get infinite health?

No, But When You Beat & Get 100% On The Game You Get Infinite Bullets.

How do you get a jetpack on Grand Theft Auto vcs for ps2?

The Jet Pack - GTA: San Andreas:In the game, CJ carries out a mission for The Truth in Area 69 secret military base. Truth asks CJ to steal a certain item from within the base's interior during this mission called Black Project. Once CJ has fought his way into the laboratory, he finds the prototype jet pack the army has been testing, he takes it and flies it out. He gives it to The Truth, but eventually gets it back during another mission for The Truth, called Green Goo. After completion of this mission, CJ gets to keep the jet pack and it appears near The Flying School Office at Verdant Meadows, and will continue to re-spawn.

How did the zulus fight?

Very, very bravely. A fierce, martial nation of South Africa, their great leaders were King Chaka & later Cetchewayo. (Played in the great film Zulu by Gatcha Butelezi) That these tribesmen would destroy a modern armed column as they did at Isandlwana & fight as they did on the same day at Rorkes Drift with great military skill & bravery is testament to their determination & leadership. Principally their equipment was a hide shield & a short, stabbing spear. Tactically they used envelopment, the horns surrounding their enemy to the flanks, the enemy drawn into the loins of a bull buffalo. Isanlwana & Rorkes Drift were in 1879: The latter being conspicuous in British Military History with the award of no less thn 11 VCs in one action. One man who survived the former, one Horace Smith-Dorien went on to become a General in WW1.

Why were the Navajos selected to be code talkers?

Navaho Code Talkers were used to send and receive secret radio comunications that the U.S. didn't want the enemy to intercept and understand. Without the code talkers messages had to be communicated by either by voice -- in English (which the enemy could easily translate) or they had to be sent by code (which took some time to code on the sending end and decode on the receiving end -- TOO much time in heated action.) Since the Navaho spoken language was understood ONLY by a limited number of trained Navahos a Code Talker could send a message in his own language talking to a Code Talker on the receiving end of the communication. Immediately the Code Talker on the receiving end could translate his language into English for American officers or soldiers directing the battle action. Believe me .... made for fast communications and speeded things up considerably. vcs

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Get a cheat for helicopter on gta vcs for psp?

is no cheat

Where is the bulldozer on gta vcs psp?

In the construction yard. :)

How do you run fast at gta vcs for psp?

Hold x

What is the difference from GTA vcs greatest hitts psp to GTA vcs psp?

They are the same. The only difference is that one says greatest hits and it's price is now 20 dollars.

How do you get a jet- pack on gta vcs on psp?

what is the cheat for jet cars

How do you get on the second island on gta vcs psp?

Beat the mission From Zero to Hero.

How much levels do you need to do to get the mansion safehouse on gta vcs psp?


What level do you need to do to get the costume hood on gta vcs psp?

All you have to do to get it is buy a highroller in robbery.

You saw buses in vice port on gta vcs and now their is none how do you get it on gta vcs on psp?

If your asking where to find a bus, there is one next to the interglobal film studio space scene on prawn island.

How do you unlock the robbery business in gta vcs psp?

capture a robbery business and do the mission :from zero to hero

How do you get in locked cars in gta vcs psp?

You cannot get in to the locked cars.Try to have another car.If the car is locked then it is impossible to get in.

Can iron man be downloaded in gta vcs on psp?

You can search the internet for this : "Iron Man skin for PSP VC stories" Download the file. Connect your PSP to the computer and install the skin.