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Q: How much levels do you need to do to get the mansion safehouse on gta vcs psp?
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How many stories does a mansion need to have to be a mansion?


Can you spawn at a mansion in mine craft?

No, there is no mansion structure in Minecraft. If you want a mansion, you need to make it yourself.

How much Drywall would you need for the average mansion?

Forget about 'average' -Give us square feet.

Is there a cheat for grand theft auto vice city stories on how to get a mansion on psp?

No there is not.You need to buy a mansion by your money.You get Diaz mansion in the missions so no need to buy it.

Where are the keys of the pokemon mansion in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Pokemon mansion doesn't need a key there's a key inside the mansion in the basement.

How much GCSE grades do you need to take law and how hard will it be also will mostly C's in ma GCSE be enough?

To get into most universities, GCSE's don't matter as much as A levels do. However, if they get a high percentage of people with good A levels, they will look at your GCSE levels. You usually need 3 A-levels to get into university.

Do you need a levels to be a police women?

Yes you do need A levels

What job do you need to get a mansion?

definetely a doctor or a ceo

How many maids does a mansion need?

As many as you want!

How many square feet does a house need to be to be a mansion?

200, but the garden has to be an additional 400 for the area to be considered a 'mansion'

How do you build a mansion on Minecraft?

Think on what you want in your minecraft mansion. Then, design it with graph paper, a paper per floor. Then, you do the math on how much materials you need. Finally, you actually build it in minecraft, with freinds if possible. That was how I did it, I suggest you do it too.

How do you get into the 7th Pokemon gym in Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is a key in the Pokemon mansion... you need it to get into the gym... search the Pokemon mansion thoroughly

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