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Yes it is, and you can win free stuff.

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Q: Does rockstar game social club a free site?
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How do you run gta iv without Rockstar Games Social Club?

You don't even need social club. Just open your game tray and put GTA4 in!

To run gta4 game rockstar social club installed necessary?

no, but if you want to track high scores and som printing out goodies, join.

Who made midnigth club the video game?

Rockstar Company Made It.......

Where can you get an individual product key for GTA 5?

The retail edition for the PC comes with a product key that will let you add the game to a Rockstar Social Club account.

How do you get hydraulics on midnight club angeles?

I think that you need to have an internet connection (on the console you're playing) and you must be a member of Rockstar Game's Social Club. Using that you can somehow download the stuff that unlocks it. That's just what I read, I am not a member of the Social Club myself. Hope this helps.

Where you can free download PC game gta 2?

Rockstar Classics website

Is there going to be a new midnight club game?

im sorry to say but rockstar games is done making midnight club after la the people at rockstar decided to make production for a newer game people got fired but i might be wrong maybe they might make a new midnight club but that's if they step up there game i too am a fan of it .

Are there free Club Penguin game cards?

There are no free game cards.

When was Rockstar Advanced Game Engine created?

Rockstar Advanced Game Engine was created in 2006.

What if you are not a member is club penguin still free?

Club Penguin is a free online game.

What is the next midnight club game called?

midnight club new york city Though, whoever put this, we can not be sure as Rockstar has dismissed the group that made Midnight Club games. We can only wait and see.

How do you download Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC?

If you are a Steam user, you simply download it from your Steam library. If you have the retail copy, you register your product code on the Rockstar Social Club website. From here you can download an installation tool which will perform the game download when you run it.