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GTA games are adult rated because of the violence, bad language and sometimes sexual content. They are not suitable for a 10 year old for that reason.

From a legal point of view, I can only speak regarding the UK, where recently it was reported that the current law did not prohibit gamers under 18 from owning the games. It has been left up to game stores and parents to decide therefore. I do not know what the situation is in other countries.

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Q: Can a ten year old have Grand Theft Auto?
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Can a nine year old play grand theft auto 4?

why can't he.

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You are a 10 year old boy and should you be allowed on Grand Theft Auto four?

As long as your parents think its ok, although i think 10 year olds should be allowed to go on grand theft auto four.

Can a 9 year oid play Grand Theft Auto 4?

Grand Theft Auto 4 is rated for mature players only, meaning that a 9 year old is considered too young. Grand Theft Auto contains violence, sex, and drug use depicted in the storyline, and therefore should not be played by younger players.

Is grand theft auto a good game for a ten year old?

Its okay if your child isn't a pyschopath.

Is an 8 year old allowed to play the game Grand Theft Auto?

No, all Grand Theft Auto games have an adult rating.Please check on the game packaging for more information on the exact age for your country.

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Whats the best movie for a 12 year old?

grand theft auto

Is grand theft auto 3 apropriat for a 10 year old?

The Grand Theft games are not for kids. They have a lot of violence, nudity, profanity and they encourage drug and alcohol use, as well as criminal acts.

Should an 11 year old boy be allowed to get Grand Theft Auto 4 for The X-Box 360?

I am 10 and i get to play it.

Is Grand Theft Auto Liberty City ok for a 12 year old?

as long as the 12 year old is responsible enough to play these sort of games and will not imitate any of the actions done in the game (for example: attacking, doing drugs, stealing cars etc) then the child should be aloud to play grand theft auto

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They are restricted from purchasing it without pretending to be older on an internet site