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no you have to buy a ps2 or if u have one get liberty city stories if udon't have the game too.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-19 23:31:15
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Q: Will the game Liberty City stories come on ps3?
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What video game series had a game called Liberty City Stories?

The Grand Theft Auto series has the game Liberty City Stories. Liberty City Stories was the ninth game released in the series, being released in 2005.

How do you get airplane in Liberty City stories?

One can not fly an airplane in Grand Theft Auto Liberty City stories. This feature is available in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and later editions of the game.

What is the best gta game vice ciy stories or liberty city stories or san andreass?

San Andreas.

Is Grand Theft Auto 3 the same as Grand Theft Auto Liberty City?

GTA 3 is baced in liberty city. but GTA liberty city stories is a differet game

How do you get girlfriends on liberty city stories?

You don't. each gta game is fairly unique.

In grand theft auto Liberty City stories can you by a house?

no you cant they give you as many they do in the game

After San Andreas ps2 what do you do?

You could play Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories then if you want a newer game you will have to get a PS3 and play GTA IV

Can you het a jetpack on GTA Liberty City Stories?

can you get a jet pak on liberty stories and wats the cheat can you get a jet pak on liberty stories and wats the cheat no u cant and the game sucks u cant even buy any buldings

What is the cheat to slow down the game clock in grand theft auto liberty city stories?


Which game should I buy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Grand Theft Auto Vice City stories or Grand Theft Auto Liberty City stories for ps2?

of course gta vice city stories

Can you hijack planes in grand theft auto Liberty city stories?

No you can't even fly planes in the game!

Where to get hellicopters in Liberty City stories?

u cant get a copter in gta lcs the only WA is to mod your game

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