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bad ps3 or too much to load, or maybe the memory inside the disk had a fault.

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Q: Why does my game GTAIV for ps3 freeze when there is no scratches on it?
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Will GTAiv come out for ps3?

It came out and is very popular

Is there a sush thing as GTAiv for ps2?

No GTA 4 is for the PS3

Is there a DeLorean in GTAiv ps3?

No, there is not a DMC Delorean on GTA IV.

What is the best ps3 game in the world?

There are many, but some of them are Uncharted,2, inFamous, COD4,6 GTAIV, Metal Gear Solid / Black Ops

Why does my PS3 freeze when I want to play a game?

too much game data may be stored in the ps3. or maybe the graphics are lagging

Where do you get mods from for GTAiv on ps3?

Various websites. Try typing gta iv mods for ps3,xbox(etc.etc.)

Playstation3 will not read disk when inserted?

Make sure that this game is a ps3 game and also check the disk for any scratches.

What is GTAiv parachute cheat ps3?

The gta parachut cheat is 234 555 996

How do you get a jetpack on GTAiv ps3?

you can't that's only for TBOGT. and if you seen a jetpack in gta 4 then it was a glitch.

What are all the codes on GTAiv? include gta iv * 360 Cheats * PS3 Cheats

Why does Tiger Woods PGA tour keep freezing on your ps3?

could have some currpt data on the game or check the disc for scratches

Why won't black ops work on ps3?

Must be your game or system check disc for scratches i dont know made you look lol