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I think Vice City is better.

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Q: Which is better Grand Theft Auto lcs or Grand Theft Auto vc?
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How do you get a jet pack in Grand Theft Auto LCS?

tere is no jetpack in gta lcs

Is Grand Theft Auto lcs better than Grand Theft Auto vcs?

in gta lcs you can't swim but in gta vcs you can swim and in gta lcs the missions are quite easier but in gta vcs there are more challenging missions and harder in gta vcs the weapons are so cool.

Infinate ammo Grand Theft Auto lcs?

100% beat game

How do you unlock all of the maps on Grand Theft Auto lcs?

just show me how to unlock of all gta lcs maps

How do you beat Grand Theft Auto LCS?

You can do it by compeleting all the missions and side missions.

What is the cheat to get a hunter in Grand Theft Auto lcs ps2?

there is no cheat for the hunter helicopter in gta lcs you can get it after passing the final mission at the airport

Is there a cheat to hook a trailer to a truck on grand theft auto lcs?

sorry man theres not

On grand theft auto lcs how do you in satventen island go in the polisis home?

pop sum fooles

In Grand Theft Auto Liberty City PsP stories how do you ride an aeroplane?

There are no planes in GTA: LCS

What is the invincibility cheat for gta lcs?

There are no invincibility cheats in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Can you show me cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto lcs on ps2?

u wanna cheat of psy for gta

How do you get a helicopter on grand theft auto Liberty City stories?

open you tube and type this helicoper on gta lcs \