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the army base

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Q: Where to find m249 machin gun in gta vcs?
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Does a M248 mag fit a m249 airsoft gun?


How many fps does a m249 bb gun have?

360 FPS

What is the max effective range of the m249?

The maximum effective range of the M249 light machine gun is 1,000 yards (910 meters).

How many meters is the M249 maximum effictive range for an area target?

The M249 light machine gun has a maximum effective range of about 800 meters for an area target.

What is the fps of a spring M249 saw machine gun air soft gun?

It's 360 FPS

What are the characteristics of the gun M249?

The M249 is an automatic light machine gun. This gun uses 5.56 mm ammunition. It is gas operated and air cooled. It has a quick change barrel. It can support a bi-pod attachment, allowing a boost in the already accurate rate of fire the gun possess.

What is the M249 light machine gun combat load?

600 to 800 rounds

Is the m249 airsoft gun metal or plastic?

electric airsoft gun h.n its very heavy that's why it cant be a plastic.its metal.

What is a M249 light machine gun made of?

Mainly different types of steel, and some plastics.

What is the nickname of the M249 rifle?

The M249 is not a rifle - it is a light/general purpose machine gun, also commonly referred to as a SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). Informally, it's sometimes referred to as the 'piglet'.

In what game do they use a M249 saw?

M249 SAW or MLG is used in Battlefield. This game is a US version of Belgian-Made FN Minimi. It uses the 5.56x45mm NATO round, which lowers the weight of the gun.

Where to find a nine millermeter pistol on gta 4?

It will be available at gun shops around the city.