Where is big smoke's crack palace at?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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If you have the gang colors ( green, purple, and yellow) on your radar then itll be easy to find. Smoke is at east los Santos or los flores by some old apartments and a warehouse. Its the intersection of the purple and yellow colors. its a pink 4 floor warehouse with a small single door in the front.

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Q: Where is big smoke's crack palace at?
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big smokes crack palace in los Santos just walk in

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There is one located in Area 69, Big Smokes Crack Palace, and one spawns, along with other weapons, once you have collected all 50 horseshoes.

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''End of the line'' is when you have to invade big smokes crack house and kill him

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If you have finished Grand theft auto: San Andreas before, then go to where Big Smoke's Crack Palace is located. Then get a car and smash into it like you did in the final mission, the wall should break. NOW YOU CAN FREELY ROAM AROUND IN BIG SMOKE'S CRACK PALACE. Just something I found while driving i remembered where it was.

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