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There are various different places that you could download a Leatherface mod on the game Grand Theft Auto. You could try GTA Garage.

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Q: Where can you download leatherface mod on Grand Theft Auto?
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Is leatherface on grand theft auto san Andreas ps2?


Is leather face in Grand Theft Auto?

No, However if you have gta sa for the PC you can download a mod on to your game that will put leatherface in the game

Where can you download mods to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto Downloads -

Is there a Bigfoot Easter egg in grand theft auto San Andreas for Xbox?

No. it is a mod. If u have a pc, you can download the mod for leatherface, bigfoot, and ghost cars

Where can you download Grand Theft Auto?

if you wont it get it at

Where can you download Grand Theft Auto 5 for psp?

Grand Theft Auto 5 was not released on PSP.

How do you get in Grand Theft Auto 3?

Download it!

Is it true that there is a leatherface in grand theft auto san Andreas?

No, it is a myth made up by a bunch of players.

How do you download GTA Trinidad?

how do you download grand theft auto trinidad

What is the order of Grand Theft Auto games?

Grand theft auto grand theft auto 2 grand theft auto London grand theft auto 3 grand theft auto vice city/stories grand theft auto San Andreas grand theft auto San Andreas Dubai grand theft auto Liberty city stories grand theft auto 4 grand theft auto china town wars grand theft auto 5

Where can you download a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas leatherface mod?

go on and they will have a search box type in gta san Andreas and they have mods for everything { bigfoot,leatherface,spider bat and super man,ufos and much much more }

Download Grand Theft Auto 3 full version?


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