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the mission will happen when you unlock the city San fierro

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Q: When does the mission the key to her heart comes in gta san Andreas?
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On gta San Andreas how do you meet Katie?

you meet her in the mission"key to her heart" its one of the last ones

What mission is it when you kill Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

There is no Bigfoot mission in GTA San Andreas. There is no Bigfoot in the game. It is a GTA myth.

How many mission in GTA San Andreas?


What do you do on mission 26 on gta san Andreas?

i will help you if you tell me what the mission's name is...

What do you do once you have completed mission 13 on gta san Andreas?

you complete mission 14

Who will you fight at the last mission of Grand Theft Auto san andreas?

you will fight with big smoke in last mission of GTA San Andreas

Skip hospital mission in gta san Andreas?

no you can't skip paramedic mission you to play it

What cheat can complete all mission GTA San Andreas?


What is gta san Andreas cheat for success in all mission?


What is the last mission on gta san ansreas?

the last mission in Grand theft auto san Andreas

What is the cheat code to skip mission on gta san Andreas?

learning to fly

Can you go to Liberty City in gta san Andreas?

no but in a flight mission you will go there