When does GTA 5 come out?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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GTA 5 was released in late 2013.

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March 2013

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Q: When does GTA 5 come out?
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Will GTA 5 come on Xbox?

Yes it is already out on Xbox.

How do you get a new apartment on gta 5?

it hasn't come out yet.

Did GTA 5 came out yet?

Nope. It will come out in early 2013

When will GTA 5 come in India?

maybe and if it do much more later

When is gtav coming out?

GTA 5 was released on September 17, 2013. I hope this helped you! :-D

Will there be a new Grand Theft Auto for ps2?

No there will not be. GTA 5 will not come in a PS2 version of the game and GTA 4 is not available for the PS2

What date is gta 5 coming out?

It should come on the 17.09.2013 on the XBOX360 and PS3

When you get gta 5 san Andreas does it come with a grappling hook and a gravity gun?


What are Grand Theft Auto 5 System Requirements PC?

Gta 5 hasn't come out yet

When GTAiv come out?

Well Grand Theft Auto 8 must take about 3 years and depending on the map its hard to create such a big game, gta 5 has to still come out gta 6 , gta 7 and gta 8 but gta 5 needs to come out first, rockstar are probably working on the game right now its gunna like take 3 years its not easy to create games not like a click just like that. It takes loades of time it might come out in 2025 or some thing, but gta will never stop creating there gta's Rockstar is number 1 company for gaming :)

GTA 6?

when does gta 6 come out

Where do the swat come from in gta san Andreas?

When you get 5 stars, the SWAT come in with heavily armored vehicles and SMG's for weapons.