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Q: What is the American release date of grand theft auto for play station 2?
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What type of car was the Perennial in Grand Theft Auto 3?

The Perennial in the RockStar videogame Grand Theft Auto 3 was a station wagon. The designers of Grand Theft Auto 3 made the Perennial the same design as a station wagon in real life.

Where can you demo Grand Theft Auto?

There are no plans to release a demo for Grand Theft Auto 4.

Grand Theft Auto 1 release date was?

The first Grand Theft Auto game was released in October 1997.

How many grand theft auto games are there for play station?

i think like 7

What is the cheat for girls to follow you Grand Theft Auto liberty city stories play station portable?

You can get a girl in grand theft auto lierty city stories play station protable not in PS2,PS3,XBOX,DS,

Grand Theft Auto san dreas?

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a video game for play station and Xbox consoles. It was released by Rockstar games in 2004.

What websites are there to download grand theft auto 4 on play station 3?

Playstation Network

How do you get to the helicopter on grand theft auto Liberty City stories for play station portable?

at the helipad

What is the order of Grand Theft Auto games?

Grand theft auto grand theft auto 2 grand theft auto London grand theft auto 3 grand theft auto vice city/stories grand theft auto San Andreas grand theft auto San Andreas Dubai grand theft auto Liberty city stories grand theft auto 4 grand theft auto china town wars grand theft auto 5

Are there tanks in Grand Theft Auto 4?

There are no tanks in Grand Theft Auto 4 but if you purchase the DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony, there is a black APC tank that can be found in a police station.

Is Grand Theft Auto coming out for ps2?

Grand Theft Auto: L/VCS was the last PS2 release of GTA on June 23 2009

What are the release dates for The Grand Theft - 2011?

The Grand Theft - 2011 was released on: USA: 4 June 2011 (Hoboken International Film Festival)

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