What is some guns codes for gta Chinatown for the ds?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is some guns codes for gta Chinatown for the ds?
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Were can you buy guns in gta Chinatown wars?

You can buy guns by getting on the internet open your pda and their is a place called liberty city gun shop you can buy guns their

Gta Chinatown wars ds gun shop?

Unlike other Grand Theft Auto games there are no stores for guns. Instead in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown wars you can purchase guns from you P.D.A. under business the select Purchase weapons from Ammunation. The guns are then delivered to a safehouse and are reprented on your map by a Box with an A.

Can you drive a helicopter in gta Chinatown wars?

yes, only if u have action replay: use these codes: 92222A3000000000 02222AF80000005F D200000000000000 if codes dont work google other

Is GTA Chinatown in DSi wireless shop yet?

no it is not

How do you get a taxi on gta Chinatown wars?

steal one

Can you play multiplayer on gta Chinatown wars on iphone?


How many houses are there in GTA Chinatown wars?


How do you get the Huang lee grandma at GTA Chinatown on DS?

You can't.

Will GTA Chinatown Wars be coming to PSP?

It is released now.

When does GTAcome out for iPod?

It has look it up gta Chinatown wars

How do you get a helocopter on gta Chinatown wars?

You have to buy them at the car shop

How do you enter a street race in GTA Chinatown Wars?

You can't