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if you get charged for grand theft, you will most likely get sent to prison.

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Q: What happens if you get a grand theft charge?
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How much is grand theft in Texas?

Texas does not have a grand theft charge. It is simply theft. The punishment depends on the dollar amount stolen.

What is this felony charge number vc10851?

In California that its Grand theft auto

What is a criminal charge?

A criminal charge is a charge brought forth by law enforcement for a legally punishable crime. An example of criminal charges might be murder, theft, grand theft, and shoplifting.

Can a grand theft charge be beaten?

it depends on what kind of evidence there is against the suspect.

What is happens when you win grand theft auto 4?

you turn it off

What happens if you hide a vehicle from repossession in colorado?

You are guilty of grand theft auto.

How long does the state of West Virginia have to charge someone for a theft?

Petty larceny is 3 years, minor theft is 1 year. Felony or Grand theft, no statutes of limitation.

What is the police charge for retail theft?

The actual wording of the charge can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction depending upon how the law is worded, and/or the dollar amount of the item(s) stolen. (i.e.- "Shoplifting" - "Retail Theft" - "Petit Larceny" - 'Grand Larceny" - etc)

What is the sentence for felony theft in AZ?

In Arizona, felony theft can be charged if the cash or object(s) stolen are worth more than $1,000. In Arizona, this charge is called Grand Theft.

What happens to your gangsters in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

they shoot who you shoot or rival gangs

What happens when you steal a tractor?

you go to jail for grand theft auto (its still a motorized vehicle)

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