What does SA mean in GTA SA?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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San Andreas

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Q: What does SA mean in GTA SA?
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How is bigger GTA vc or GTA sa?

If you mean how big the world is then its probably GTA San Andreas.

What does SA mean in Grand Theft Auto-SA?

The SA in GTA-SA is for San Andreas, the region where the game takes place.

Who survived GTA sa?

I DiD =)

How can you convert Grand Theft Auto iv cars to Grand Theft Auto sa cars?

You cannot, GTA SA has a much lower graphic system then GTA IV, plus the cars in GTA IV have more addons than GTA SA.

Can you date in GTAvcs?

No,you can only do so in gta IV or gta SA

What is The Gta sa original handling lines?

If You mean the PC-game, it's Grand Thief Auto

Can you do a mission in gta sa after you have finished it?

no you can not

Where can you get GTA sa free?


Are there hookers in GTAtbogt?

there are in GTA SA

Is there cheat for robots in GTA SA?


Is there a snow cheat on GTA SA?


Why your gta sa if you earn a four to six star wanted your gta sa hangs up?

Speak English and I can help you, child.