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The police can only search your house without permission if they obtain a warrant, which is a document that states they have reason to believe that suspicious activities are items may be found in the place they are looking. Some warrants are very specific in the places the are wishing to search which can create limits for officers. For example if an officer suspected drug paraphernalia was in someones garage and it was written in the warrant they would be limited to search the garage only if they found it somewhere else in which they looked without legal permission any evidence obtained would not be allowed in a court of law.

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Q: Son is on felony probation for grand theft auto can the police come to my house and search my home without my permission?
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Can the police break down the door at your house for a felony probation violation warrant?

Yes, you are wanted for a FELONY!

Can you travel abroad on prison license?

if you are on a prison license and go abroad without permission how will the authority such as probation workers and the police no you have gone abroad?

What happens when you are on felony probation and get arrested for fleeing a police officer?

Most conditions of probation include a requirement to "obey all laws." By breaking the law, you violate the conditions of probation and may have the probation revoked. This means you could be sent to jail or prison on the original charge.If you are on probation, it is expected that you will not engage in activities that involve fleeing from the police. (A rhetorical question: do you think you are an exception?)And?

Can police search you without permission?

Under certain circumstances, yes, they can.

If i take a car without permission and the police tow it do the owners have to pay the fee?

If you take a car without permission and the police tow it the owners do have to pay the fee for the wrecker service and the impound fee.

Can the police enter onto private business property without the permission of the owner in Arizona?

The police cannot enter onto private business property without the owner's permission in Arizona. They must obtain a warrant to do so, if they do not receive permission.

Can police officers search a home where a felony probation person doesnt reside or was not present at the time of arrest?

Police officer with a search warrant can search any home regardless of the situation.

Can police enter private property without the owners permission?

Not without a warrant or just cause.

Should the police get your DNA sample?

In most of the countries the police are not allowed to get your DNA sample without the permission of the court.

How do you get your dog back if it was sold without your permission?

Without your permission, go to the police immediately and tell them that your dog was stolen and show them the proof of the selling of the stolen dog.

Can the police check my phone records if I am on probation?

Not without a court order. The exception being if such action was included in the terms of the individual's release on probation (which is very unlikely).

Can you film another person inside the police station?

Can who film? In California it is a Felony to film inside a police station because it is technically a custody facility, and requires the ranking officers permission.

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