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There was a halo ds but bungie and Microsoft had some argument b ut theres is a demo you will find home made ones on torrent sites sometimes

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You can't. Halo was made for only for Xbox

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You can not download it because it was a failed project, and will not be released.

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Q: On what site can you download halo ds onto an r4?
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Where is the Halo DS download?

Halo DS was cancelled due to issues regarding the license.

How do you download games onto a Nintendo DS Lite?

You can't download games onto a DS Lite.

How do you download music onto a DS?

You can't get music on your DS, but you can on a DSi

Is halo ds available for rom download?

No, sadly it's not.

What is a Nintendo DS emulator?

The Nintendo DS Emulator is a program that you download off the Internet and onto your computer. Then you can download any Nintendo DS game off of that site and play them on your DS Emulator. This is ILLEGAL though (since you did not technically buy it). People do say you gotta Delete it within 24 hours.

How do you download games onto DS Lite?

You cant.But if you have a wii and internet on it you can get the Nintendo channel and download games on to your ds. But only demos.

Can you download videos onto your Nintendo ds lite?


What is the site to download advance map for ds games?

there is no site to download it cuz it doesn''t exist

Where can you download demo games onto your Nintendo ds?

pirate bay

What is the ds game called where you can download games onto it?

There is the R4 and the CycloEvloution.

How do you download stuff onto your ds?

It is illegal in 18 different countries!!

Can you download Mario Olympics onto my ds?

Go to the store and buy it.