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whats the hlicopter cheat on gta lcs psp pleas

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Q: Lhow do you fly a motorbike on GTAlcs?
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How do you get the cars to fly on gta IV?

Well first you get on a motorbike then you PRESS AND HOLDRT and then STEER, then after about 20secounds you then type this CODE into your CELL PHONE, its 724-555-0782 then you should be able to FLY YOUR MOTORBIKE! HAVE FUN! :D

Where can you get smoke grenade in GTAlcs?

download cheat divise

Can you date in GTAlcs?

no you cant u can do that in san Andreas i think

How do you get to the therd island in GTAlcs?

drive in a jet car to ther

LHow do you write 7.1 million dollars?

There are 6 zeros in a million.

What is the best gun in GTAlcs?

The best gun in gta lcs is the m60

How do you buy a house in GTAlcs?

Sadly you can not buy properties on gta lcs

Can you get Ferraris on GTAlcs?

The cheetah on the 2nd island is the closest to a ferrari on gta lcs.

Is Grand Theft Auto liberty two players?

gtalcs is 6 player!

Is there a cheat to beat GTALCS?

No there is never a cheat to beat any gta game

How can you get hunter helicopter in GTALCS?

To fly the helicopter, you need to be on the Calm Before the Storm mission. The helicopter will make a second stop on a building in the Red Light District. You must find a bike and ride it up the stairs without killing anyone. When you are next to the helicopter, press the triangle button to get in the helicopter and fly it.

GTAlcs how to get helicopter?

Check youtube for the mission false idols or use the cheat device.