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In order to get ammo for all weapons, you type "gunsgunsguns" without the exclamation marks. You type this in-game, so make sure your player is not standing close to an edge or something similar, seeing as how the 's' button is used to walk backwards.

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Left Trigger, Right Trigger, X, Right Trigger, Left(D-pad), Black, Right Trigger, Left(D-pad), X, Down(D-pad), Left Trigger, Left Trigger

Black is the Right Bumper and White is the Left Bumper (white isn't in the cheat but the website doesn't state which is which).

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No but when you get 100% completion you can go as high as you want but youll have to buy it at the gun store or cheat 482 555 0100

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Q: Is there a infinite ammo cheat for gta4?
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How do you get infinite ammo for black ops ps3?

There is not an infinite ammo cheat

Is there an infinite health cheat for cod black ops zombies or infinite ammo?

i think infinite ammo, i did it on the PC version

What is cheat for infinite ammo for Grand Theft Auto 3 for ps2?

there is none, but if you spam the ammo cheat you will have infinate ammo after a while.

What cheat to be unlimited ammo in Counter Strike Source?

I dont know! but i think there is no cheat infinite ammo there might be cheat engine!

How do you get infinite amo on nazi zombie?

you can't their is only infinite ammo cheat for the PC

What is the infinite life code for Grand Theft Auto 3 for ps2?

there is none, but their is a health cheat and an armor cheat.

What is the infinite ammo cheat for madness interactive halo slayer?


What is the cheat code in igi1 game for unlimited health?

infinite ammo

What is the infinite ammo cheat for Grand Theft Auto vice city?

yo there is no infinite ammo cheat instead just do the money cheat and buy the guns or do the gun cheat alot the money cheat is UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, X, L1, R1 and i dont think there is any unlimited ammo cheats there is no unlimited ammo cheat but you do apparently get infinite ammo for 100% completion i recommend the money cheaat strategy or using the weapon cheats alot

What is infinite ammo cheat on Grand Theft Auto 3 PC?

Yes, however this is only available for the PlayStation Portable. For other consoles you will be required to input the weapons cheat code to gain more ammo if you run out. PSP - CIRCLE, SQUARE, L1, L1, TRIANGLE.

What is the best cheat code in gta4?

is there a cheat for a dog on gta4

Infinite ammo cheat for CoD 5 nazi zombies xbox360?

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