Is there a gta rated T on psp?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Is there a gta rated T on psp?
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Which call of duties are rated T?

the early ones and the PSP DS & PSP version games

What is ghost rider psp game rated t?


Will they ever make a t rated Grand Theft Auto?

GTA 2 is "T" rated, but it is one of the older games.

What GTAgames can you get for PSP?

You can play GTA: Chinatown Wars; GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA :Vice City Stories on PSP.

How do you put gta 4 on your PSP by a computer?


What is justice league the game rated for ps2?

It is rated T for the PS2 and PSP and E for the Nintendo DS

When will GTAIV be coming out on PSP?

no, but there are two versions of gta for psp.

What is GTArated?

Most of GTA is rated M for Mature (In America) And rated 18+ in Europe. There is only one GTA that doesn't have Rated M. There is GTA2 which has rated T for Teen. But it only has that rating for PS1 version. Hope this helps!

Can you buy gta san andreas on psp?

No the game does not have a PSP version

Can you get a helicopter in gta on PSP?

download it

Do they swear in gta for the psp?

yes they do

Can you play the sims 2 on psp?

Yes you can. It is rated T for Teen. Hope this helped! :)(: