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i dont thank so becuz in vice city stories it didnt have so

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โˆ™ 2012-02-17 01:34:59
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Q: Is there a cheat code for grand theft auto china town wars that gives unlimited ammo?
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Is their a unlimited health cheat for grand theft auto 4?


Grand theft auto episodes from Liberty City unlimited money cheat?

No there is not a cheat from unlimited money. But you can use the other cheats (for weapons, health...) to get easy money.

What is the grand theft auto cheat for unlimited ammo?

You know what good question I have no idea

Is there a sonic riders cheat for unlimited money?

When you go to the grand prix race, you get easy money.

Is there a unlimited ammo cheat for grand theft auto liberty city stories Playstation portable?


What is the unlimited money niewe cheat code in grand theft auto 4?

there is only a 250000€ code but you need trainer to have unlimited money

Is there an unlimited health cheat for Grand Theft Auto vice city stories on ps2?

There is no cheat for that in GTA Vice City.You can do it using Trainer in the pc.

What is the cheat for unlimited ammo on Grand Theft Auto iv?

there is none, there is one that refills your guns, ammo, and health (and gives you all advanced weapons) that you can just get behind cover and do. 482 555 0100

What is the unlimited health cheat for grand theft auto vice city stories on the psp?

You cannot have unlimited health by using a cheat.You can only do it in PC by using a trainer.

What is the cheat for unlimited ammo on grand theft auto 4 on the ps3?

Triangle,square,square,triangle,x and then move

Is there any cheat for getting unlimited health in Grand theft auto 4?

No, because I have tried but it does not work; you still die.

Is there a cheat code to get unlimited ammo for grand theft auto vice city on the ps2?

There isn't any cheat code on ps2 vice city to have unlimited ammo.You can get that on pc by using a trainer it is not possible on ps2.You can though try altering the installed game.

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