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Q: Is there a Grand Theft Auto game for a DS lite?
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Is grand theft auto Chinatown wars the only grand theft auto that is available on the Nintendo ds lite?

Yes, it is the only GTA game for the Nintendo DS

Is there any Grand Theft Auto for Nintendo ds lite?

Yes There Is GRand Theft Auto ChinaTown Wars and its really fun!!

Is there a DS Lite Grand Theft Auto bundle because I saw a Grand Theft Auto DS pic on the internet and wanted to know If there is where can I buy it?

yes there is a gta bundle for ds lite you get it from my house

How do you get petrol bombs on grand theft auto Chinatown on ds lite?

same as ipad/iphone/ipod u do a mission for uncle Kenny and go to the petrol station and fill up bottles and steal petrol. then once u have done the mission u can do it anytime u like

What is the difference of lite and not lite in the app store?

lite from the app store- is a demo and not lite is a full game

Is MoonLight Engine undetectable?

No i tried a game called grand chase and i used moon lite engine (even the new one) and its detectabable

Is DS lite browser better than a DS lite game?


How do you save your game in Chinatown Wars lite for iPod touch?

You can't save in the lite version of the game

Can you play 2ds games on ds lite?

No, a 2DS game is the same as a 3DS game and the DS lite cannot play them.

Can you use Game Boy Advance games in ds lite?

yes insert the gba game at the bottom of the ds lite.

Your menu on your ds lite wont work?

I know, on settings, you probably changed the gameplay from "Manual" to "Auto" what that does is that if you have a DS game in, it will automatically go to the game, if you want it back to normalm, Take the game out and then try Someone Special, ;)

Are the preloaded games for the Ds lite full versions?

There are no preloaded game on the DS Lite.

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