Is there Grand thet auto 2 in PS2?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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No, 'Grand Theft Auto 2' was on PSone.

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Q: Is there Grand thet auto 2 in PS2?
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Can you get Grand Theft Auto 4 on PS2?

No, Grand Theft Auto 4 will not be released on the PlayStation 2.

Is Grand Theft Auto 5 on ps2?

There is a selection of Grand Theft Auto games that are available for the PlayStation 2. These include: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Grand Theft Auto 3. Hope this helps you... :)

How many apartment does niko have in grand thet auto?

Who is niko? There are 2 possible apartments, anyways

Is Grand Theft Auto 2 san Andres for ps3?

No. GTA San Andreas is a PS2 game, not a PS3.

Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas a 2 player game?

yes (but not in pc) only in ps2 , xbox etc...

Do they make grand theft auto 1 for play station 2?

No. However, the PS2 is capable of playing PS1 games.

Is Grand Theft Auto the triology pack games same as the single edition games?

Yes GTA the Trilogy includes the same games Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto - Vice City, & Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas and amazon has it new for the PS2 at $19.99 on April 2 2012

Will GTA 4 be available for the PS2?

Grand Theft Auto 4 Will Not And Never Be On The Play Station 2, It's A Highly Graphiced Game.

Is there a 15 year old Grand Theft Auto?

I am not sure whether you mean the age or the rating of the game, so I will try and help on both counts. The original Grand Theft Auto game came out in October 1997 (Psone or PS2) The only GTA game with a "T" rating, as far as I can see, is GTA 2 (For PSone or PS2).

Where could one find cheats for the PS2 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game?

You can find various cheats for the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Playstation 2 game on the gamefaqs website or on the strategyinformer website or on the gta-sanandreas website.

How do you fly in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas dragon ball mod Playstation 2?

To use a mod on GTA San Andreas you need a PC to download, not a PS2. You can use cheat codes on a PS2 though.

When will there be a grand theft auto IV for playstation 2?

No. Basically Sony is about to discontinue the ps2 program and work harder to make other games 4 the ps3 so no is the answer