Is Nova 6 Real

Updated: 12/21/2022
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No, Nova-6 is entirely fictional, no known substance has lethal effects of that kind, and with that speed, and most likely no substance can ever exist with that lethality.

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Q: Is Nova 6 Real
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Is the gas used in call of duty called nova 6 real?

Nova 6 or Nova Gas is real and very deadly. It can cause real damage in the real world.

What are the release dates for Nova - 1974 The Real Jurassic Park 21-6?

Nova - 1974 The Real Jurassic Park 21-6 was released on: USA: 9 November 1993

Is nova gas real?

Nova 6 is not real. It DOES NOT EXIST. My how much information people internalize to believe it is true without questioning its validity. Hegemony.

Did Adolph Hitler create nova6?

Hitler had nothing to do with Nova 6. In fact Nova 6 isn't real (from what I know) so STOP PLAYING BLACK OPS SO MUCH!

What is nova from the movie prom real name?

Nova's real name is Aimee Teegarden.

Was nova 6 a real thing in world war 2?

yes but the Germans used it on theyre own

Is nova6 gas real?

yes, Nova 6 is a non-fiction chemichal gas that exists it was created by stiner

Who invented nova 6 gas?

Nova 6 does not exist. No one invented it.

Are some things in Call Of Duty Black Ops like Nova 6 real?

the only thing real is that ther was a war in vietnam thats all

How tall is nova?

MLB player Ivan Nova is 6'-04''.

Was the 1976 nova made with a V6?

The 6-cylinder engine was an inline-6, there was no actual V6 in a Nova in 1976.

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