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You can't goodbye

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Q: In grand theft auto4 how do you blow up the Statue of Happiness?
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When does grand theft auto4 come out for xbox360?

April 2008

Which map large Grand Theft Auto4 or Grand Theft Auto san andreas?

Gta san andras

Is grand theft auto4 for PS2?

no it is PS3 PC and Xbox 360

Can you use indicators in cars on grand theft auto4 PS3?

No,you can't and whats the point!!

Were is LC at on grand theft auto4 on xbox360?

LC means liberty city. GTA4 is Liberty City. >.<

Is violence in teens caused by violence in video games?

Yes They Have An Xbox 360 And Go On Grand Theft Auto4

How do you go to the airport without getting cops on you on grand theft auto4 liberty city stories?

You can't, but if you stay away from the runway part, cops won't chase you.

Is there any hidden stuff or hidden places in Grand Theft Auto iv?

There is one hidden spot in GTA IV, it is on Happiness island. The secret spot is hidden in the Statue of Happiness. I won't tell you what the secret is because that would spoil it.

How do you destroy the heart on Grand Theft Auto 4?

If you mean the heart in the Statue of Happines, you can't.

In Grand Theft Auto4 when you save a vehicle in your garage does it automatically get repaired like in previous Grand Theft Auto's?

Yes, it does eventually - although there are no safehouse garages in GTA IV, only parking spaces. You may notice that if you save a vehicle in your parking space that is very damaged, it doesn't always look repaired when you come out of the safehouse straight after saving. But it will be.

What is the order of Grand Theft Auto games?

Grand theft auto grand theft auto 2 grand theft auto London grand theft auto 3 grand theft auto vice city/stories grand theft auto San Andreas grand theft auto San Andreas Dubai grand theft auto Liberty city stories grand theft auto 4 grand theft auto china town wars grand theft auto 5

How do you get to New York on Grand Theft Auto iv?

The location of GTA IV, Liberty City, is actually based on New York, so you are already there, so to speak. You have the island boroughs of Broker (Brooklyn), Bohan (the Bronx), Algonquin (Manhattan), Alderney (New Jersey), and so on. You even have the "Statue of Happiness", which of course is the Statue of Liberty.