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Niko Bellic is NOT from Russia. His home country is never specified, but the language he speaks is Serbian and he is definitely from Eastern Europe. His home was at one probably part of the USSR, but once again, NOT Russia. Yugoslavia is the general consensus.

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Q: In GTAIV what country is Niko from?
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Why Michelle leave Niko in GTAIV?

she is a government agent

Can niko get fat in GTAiv?

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When to you get a cell phone in GTAiv?

Roman gives Niko a cell phone within the first 3 missions of the game.

How do you get a cop job in GTAiv?

By jacking a cop car, Niko can access the cop computer (instructions on screen) to find names of criminals to hunt down in vigilante mode, and gain a reward.

On GTAiv can you be different people?

No, not in ordinary gameplay. In GTA IV you are Niko Bellic, and that does not change. However, I do not know if there are mods to change Niko into something else, you would need to have a look at dedicated GTA sites like gtawiki, where there is a comprehensive modifications section for mods that can be downloaded via computer.

Can you swim in GTAIV?

No you cannot, sadly! But you can swim in Grand Theft Auto 'San Andreas'.

How do you get a plane ticket on GTAiv?

Unlike GTA San Andreas, where CJ could buy a ticket and fly to various airports; GTA IV does not have the same ability. But Niko can always "borrow" a helicopter and fly himself to the various islands of Liberty City.

What is 'Niko' in Samoan?

Niko is Niko also in Samoan.

When was Niko Resources created?

Niko Niko's was created in 1977.

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