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go onto yotube and you will see

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โˆ™ 2009-04-06 04:56:12
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Q: How you put GTA san Andreas maps in GTA Vice City?
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What is better vice city or san Andreas?

Gta vice city san andreas

How you put GTA Vice City maps in GTA San Andreas?

Im afraid you cannot put the Grand Theft Auto Vice City map onto Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. However, a modification of the maps might do it. If not you can always tape a printed map of Vice City onto your tv. :-)

How many GTAwas there for ps2?

There was 5 gta games released for the PS2. They were gta 3, gta vice city, gta San Andreas, Liberty City stories and Vice City stories.

How do you swim on grand theft auto vice city?

You can't swim in Gta Vice city but in Gta San Andreas it let's you swim

Can you have a girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto vice city?

you can not have a gf in gta vice city u can only have one in gta san Andreas

Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas avalible for the psp?

No there is no gta san andreas for psp, but you have : Gta liberty city stories, Gta vice city stories and chinatown wars. For my opinion gta vice city stories fits best to San andreas and the main character is black like Cj on san andreas.

What order to play gta games?

Gta 1, Gta 2, Gta 3, Gta Vice city, Gta san Andreas, Gta liberty city stories ,Gta vice city stories, Gta IV, and Gta Chinatown wars.

Is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas better than vice city?

ofcourse it is. gta vice city is good but it is no where near as good as san andreas.

Is there two player in vice city?

nope, multilayer in GTA is only in san Andreas and GTA iV

Grand Theft Auto for playstation 2?

The original GTA games can be played on the PS2: GTA I, GTA 2, GTA London. GTA games for the PS2: GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA San Andreas.

What is cheat of jetpack in gta vice city?

Without mods there is no jetpack in Vice City, there is a jet pack in San Andreas however.

Is there gta Liberty City for psp?

yes it is liberty and vice and san andreas ones

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