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Any age, your automatically assumed to be above 16 because you purchased GTA:SA

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Q: How old do you need to be to play Grand Theft Auto sanandereas multiplayer?
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How do you get two players on Grand Theft Auto?

Currently, not including multiplayer versions, the only Grand Theft Auto with official two player multiplayer is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Is there a Grand Theft Auto online game?

Yes,there are two: 1.San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP) 2.Grand Theft Auto IV Multiplayer

Is there two player on grand theft auto vice city PS2?

As there is no multiplayer mode in gta vice city so you cannot play multiplayer in the game.You can play multiplayer in grand theft auto 5 that is the latest game by them.

Where can you find a multiplayer in grand theft auto san Andreas?

some where

Is there single card multiplayer for Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars?


What does mp content mean for Grand Theft Auto?

Multiplayer Content

Is Grand Theft Auto multi player?

Nope With this character you have to do missions and its very fun. o yea and just press start and go to the multiplayer options and start a multiplayer with a friend that has the grand theft auto

Is Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer in xbox?

Yes, GTA IV multiplayer is available for XBOX.

Does Grand Theft Auto have multiplayer?

Yes it does. i think its on all of them. im not completely sure.

How can you play grand theft auto game online?

From your cellphone, in the game, you select multiplayer.

Do you need to have Xbox live to play multiplayer on grand theft auto 4?


Where to get multiplayer on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ps2?

You can't play gta san andreas multiplayer in ps2