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Its a 56 tooth. 56:10

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Q: How many teeth does a go-ped gsr25 chain sproacked have?
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Can you fit a husqvarna chain saw engine to a goped?

Sure if you're adept with tools and welding. -When I was a teen my first kart had a McCulloch chain saw engine. It went great. - Your biggest problem with fitting one on a go-ped will be finding a rear chain ring to fit on the back wheel. You will need a chain ring with about 140-150 teeth, and a solid way to mount it on a spoked wheel.. Gopeds ( real gopeds) do not have spoked wheels. a goped sport has a solid wheel. and solid tire. same with qa goped bigfoot. except it is an airtire. anyhoo have ot make sure engine rotates in proper direction. going backwards at 40 would not be fun. NOW, a goped gsr sure. but youd need to grqab one ofthose Chinese pocket bike transmissions. ( around $20 ) same with my gtr, and other gopeds. same with the Chinese scooters. often incorrectly referred to a goped.

What type of kinematic chain is involved in the action of brushing teeth?

what is open kinematic chain?

What are the causes of bike chain slip?

Usually what happens is that the chain elongates under wear, which forces the rollers farther apart. Depending on set-up this can then cause the chain to ride higher up on the teeth of the sprocket, eventually to the point where it can jump over the top of the teeth. On other set-ups the elongated chain will wear out the flanks of the teeth to the point where their angle can no longer retain the chain.

Which way should the teeth on a chainsaw face?

A chainsaw's chain should be fitted so that the points of the teeth face in the same direction as the chain moves. Then they will cut into the wood without needing much downward pressure. If the teeth are sharp you should never have to force the chain down into the surface of the wood. If you find you have to force the chain down to make it cut the wood then the teeth must either have gone blunt - and the chain needs to be sharpened or replaced - or the chain was installed with the teeth facing the wrong way so that the backs of the teeth just rub over the surface of the wood and you need to press down very hard just to get the teeth to wear down into the wood instead of cutting it cleanly.

How does a bike chain stay on the sprocket?

The chainring by the pedals and the sprocket(s) by the rear wheel.

What is saw chain pitch?

Pitch is the angle at which the teeth are ground .

What is the name of a wheel with projecting teeth?

A cog is a wheel with projecting teeth. These can turn either another cog or a chain.

How do you set a timing chain on a 327 Chevy?

on the two gears that the chain runs on, there are "dots" close to the teeth. align those "dots", and the chain will be in time.

What is a toothed wheel whose teeth engage the links of a chain?

A sprocket

What food chain is the mandrill in?

A Mandrill is a baboon-like primate, and has formidable teeth, so it should be near the top of its food chain.

Why pinion is having ODD number of teeth in chain drive?

one to ten

What is the meaning of sprocket?

A sprocket is a toothed wheel whose teeth engage the links of a chain.