How do you walk in a bar on gta4?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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you can't only tlad and tbogt. the mission were you kill vlad though you enter the comrades bar for about 10 seconds, but you can never get in afterwards though. sorry. edit) DO'H! i also rembered that you can go into the Irish pub were you play darts, but can't get drunk there anyways, but is very cool. edit#2) DOOOOO'H! i also rembered that the superstar cafes had a bar, once again, undrinkable, but man are they cool. there are 2, one being on the left side of star junction going south. (all anoying edits by waffleperso337, sorry for all those edits, ya though!)

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Q: How do you walk in a bar on gta4?
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