How do you start GTA2 multiplayer?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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by going to the multiplayer icon on gtasa

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from t

he menu on your cell phone

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Q: How do you start GTA2 multiplayer?
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How do you fly a car in gta2?

use cheat but how do you fly in gta2 i copied what the others say but it doesnt work and also i died

How do you play the PC version of gta2 online?

there is no online version, u must download the game. there is a free gta2 version for PC but u have to download it.

Where is the cheat option in gta2?

yes, when you enter your name.

From where should you download gta2?

rockstar social club.

How can you put your car on the tow tru ck in gta2?

you can't.

How do you go on multiplayer in Minecraft?

First you start Minecraft, then you go on "multiplayer" and type in an ip !

How can you knock out people with fists in gta2?

you can,t but you can stun by attacking with your fists.

How to play GTA2 on the internet?

you can't as a flash game but if you download it off R* social club it is the full game free! if your talking about benbuja's gta2 on gta4, it is just the camera of gta4 fully up.

When you finish campan in bf3 what level do you start as in multiplayer?

You start as level 0. When you start multiplayer, you will see there is no rank on your name, this means you will need to gain your first rank as 1.

How do you play multiplayer on PS3?

Have a game with Multiplayer, an online connection and be signed into PlayStation network is a good start

Computer words that start with multi?

Multimedia, Multiplayer

How do you start a multiplayer in minecraft?

meet up with someone.