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press the 'x' button on it if it is playstation or 'A' if it is x-box

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by pressing the attack button on san Andreas

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Q: How do you open a parachute on Grand Theft Auto?
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how to open a bridge on grand theft auto iv cheats

What program do you use to play Grand Theft Auto san Andreas on Windows XP?

You the PC download of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and open it

How do you open gate in Grand Theft Auto money car?

use the rocketman

How do you use the parashut in grand theft atuto?

You have to jump off a tall building.Then it will say you to open the parachute.At this time,you have to press ctrl to open your parachute.

What button do you press to open the trunk of a car in grand theft auto IV?

you have to break it open or shoot it

How do you open your parishoot in grand theft auto san angreas ps2?

you push o

Can you open locked planes in grand theft auto san Andreas?

when you get a piolet licence then you can:)

How do you mod a police car on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

you just open it then when he comes you get in

How do you open a joint bank account in grand theft auto vice city stories?


Grand theft auto san Andreas open bridges cheat?

same cheat for never wanted

How do you get a helicopter on grand theft auto Liberty City stories?

open you tube and type this helicoper on gta lcs \

How do you open your para chute in grand theft auto 5 ps3?

its either the triangle button or the R1 button