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you need to get Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City or if you have Xbox live or PlayStation Network you can buy it from the marketplace

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โˆ™ 2012-01-03 17:02:10
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Q: How do you get to the ballad of gay tony in gta4?
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How do you get back into ballad of gay tony after you leave in gta 4 ballad of gay tony?

To get back into Ballad of gay tony after you leave in gta4 ballad of gay tony is easy. First you will have to save gta4, then open the menu, go to the tab that says save and press A then go to the mission you want to go to.

How do you get a plane on the ballad of gay tony gta4?

no only heliicopters

In gta4 ballad of gay tony what is the f620 supposed to be?

a maserati GranTurismo

How do you deploy parachute in gta4 ballad of gay tony?

when in the air, hit the a button

Can you play ballad of gay tony without gta4 disc in?

With the "Episodes from Liberty City" game which has TBoGT. You dont need GTA4 if you have this.

How do you get a parichute in GTA4?

It's in one of the dlc's. Either the lost and damned or the ballad of gay tony.

Can you buy drugs on gta4 the ballad of gay tony?

no, tryed. sorry.. all you can do is go to bars and get drunk.

What is the cheat for a parachute on gta4?

There is no parachute. To base jump you have to buy The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion pack. $30.00 at GameStop.

Can you use Grand Theft Auto ballad of gay tony cheats on Grand Theft Auto iv?

No, not unless they were featured in the original Gta4

How do you get a buzzard on GTA4?

If your asking about the attack helicopter called the "Buzzard" it is not on gta 4. But it will be on The Ballad of Gay tony coming out on October 29, 2009.

What is the cheat for the buzzard for gta4?

The Buzzard is Only Available On The Ballad Of Gay Tony Download, You can Also Purchase The Game Package With The Lost and the damned.

Can you get a jet in grand theft auto ballad of gay tony?

Can i get a jet on gta the ballad of gay tony

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