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Not sure which grand theft auto you mean, but I if you mean gta IV games, then it is easy to get the cops to chase you and to get up into a good star rating. Just get Niko, Johnny or Luis to drive a strong, fast car, something like a Sentinel, and lob grenades out of the open window as you drive through a traffic queue. That usually gets a 2 star rated immediately and then, as the cops chase, just start lobbing grenades at them, or firing at them, and the rating will go up to 3 stars. Keep up the good work, and you will be on 6 stars very quickly. You have to remember than from 5 stars, the cops and NOOSE and sometimes FIB will start shooting at the car to smithereens, plus there will be snipers from the rooftops as well. If you can keep the stars between something like 3 and 4 for a while, you can have a great car chase. It is worth scoping out the area though, to find rat runs and areas where you can top up on jackets or grenades, or find new cars.

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Q: How do you get the cops chasing you in Grand Theft Auto?
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Cops - 1989 Pierce County WA Grand Theft Auto was released on: USA: 14 September 2002

Where is the helicopter in Grand Theft Auto vice located?

on landing pads on cops stations

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we can get a tank.

Is there cops in grand theft auto iv single player free mode?

If you choose to have cops on, then yes the police will pursue you if you commit a crime.

How do get rid of hats in Grand Theft Auto 4?

you need to kill yourself or get caught by the cops and the hat will disapear

How do you get the cops off you in grand theft auto vice city?

you wait till theirs no cops around dumbos u all r really stupid

What does GTA IV stand for?

The GTA game was named after the US entitled stolen car crime "Grand Theft Auto", as there was a lot of carjacking going on within the game. This was eventually shortened to GTA. You can still hear the cops mention that a "grand theft auto" has taken place over the radio in the game, when a car is stolen by the protagonist in current GTA games.

What are the cheat codes to grand theft auto vice city no cops?

up right tryangle tryangle down left x x

Can you kill people with pink hats in grand theft auto 4 without getting the cops called?

Yes, you can. Your are allowed to kill people with pink hats. It was a joke by the programmers

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you need to complete each mission by doing things from instructions , for example : drive to there , escape cops ... or other

How do you get all-star in grand thief auto?

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Where can you find a tank on GTA IV?

No, there is no army call out during GTA IV. When you get to a six star wanted, you will get either NOOSE or the FIB, along with the cops, chasing Niko. I guess that the only time the army would be seen trundling along the streets of Liberty City these days, would be in the event of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster.