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nütven şifresini verin
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Q: How do you get cheat metal gear rex in gta san adreas?
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What is the cheat for gambling skills in gta san adreas?

There's not a cheat for it

What is the cheat of the character of leon Kennedy in gta san adreas?

you have to download it in that's all you have to do

What is the cheat code for naruto in gta san adreas?

There's no such thing in GTA San Andreas.But if you want a ninja hood,you can type- ninjatown

Real super man cheat in GTA san adreas?

This would require a mod. Suggest you look at the Superman Collection on this site:

Is there going to be gta san adreas for ps3?

I highly doubt it

Can you have kids in GTAsan adreas?

No, you can't have kids in GTA San Andreas.

What GTAgames you can get a girfriend on if you can what GTAgames you can get a girlfriend on ps2 is it only san adreas?

GTA III and GTA Vice City are on PS2.

Where can you get a mountain bike on gta san adreas?

You can find a mountain bike on the top of mount Chiliad.

How download gta san adreas for free in PC no LimeWire?

You don't, you go buy a copy.

Were can you find a police maveric gta san adreas ps2?

It should be on the top of some police stations.

What is cheat for jetpack on gta vice city?

There is no jetpack cheat for gta vcs, in fact, its impossible to get a jetpack on gta vcs =D

Gta san adreas how to became a police with uniform?

get 100% progress with millie in the third city/las veagus