How do you fly without a jetpack?

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Q: How do you fly without a jetpack?
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How do you fly without a machine?

there is no way to fly without a machine like a airplane or a helicopter even a jetpack

How do you fly without seeing the propeller hat on clubpenguin?

You get the jetpack if u have it and dance

How do you fly a jetpack on roblox?

Well what jetpack, there are numerous jetpack types, models, and controls.

Can cj fly without a car and a jetpack?

Only by using mods or with the gravity cheat.

How do you make cj fly on san Andreas for ps2?

Only possibly to fly without a plane/heli is to use a jetpack (try using the cheat)

How do you activate Pulsefire Ezreal's jetpack?

When you get to Level 16, a jetpack should come online. The jetpack will allow you to fly for short distances.

Is there a code that can make you fly on poptropica without going on super power island?

No, but another thing that will make you fly is the jetpack. You get it at the aircraft graveyard on early poptropica.

How do you get a jetpack on gta vice city for ps2?

There is no cheat codes for jetpack in gta vice city.You need to download the mod for the jet pack so that you can fly in the game. Jetpack mode do not show you the jetpack but will allow you to fly to the buildings and all over the city.

How do you use a jetpack on Minecraft?

A Jetpack is a specially made Mod for the PC edition of Minecraft. In most mods, the space will make you fly up, and shift will make you fly down.

Can James Bond fly?

James Bond knows how to fly airplanes, a jetpack, and even a space shuttle.

Can you become a super hero on Scribblenauts?

No. You can get Maxwell a mask, a cape, and a jetpack to fly.

How do you fly a jetpack in stick dude killing?

Take it off of CAPS LOCK.

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