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You do not say which game you are playing. Is it GTA IV or GTA San Andreas, or another of the GTA games?

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Q: How do you continue after completing missions in the second city?
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How do you get the second icland Vice City?

by completing missions until you get there. or steal a boat.

How do you get to starfish island in gta vice city?

by completing missions, or by stealing a boat.

On gta vice city can you unlock the second island with out doing missions in Hindi?

Its compulsary to do missions to unlock other islands in Vice City . After completing ' Guardian Angels ' mission , you unlock the second Island and after completing the ' Phnom Phen 86 ' mission the final island gets unlocked . Otherwise, you an take a car, type SEAWAYS and drive to any island from water.

How do you get apartments on gran theft auto vice city stories?

U have to unlock them u can unlock them bye completing missions all the way to second island

How do you get to the other islands in GTA Liberty City Stories on PS2 without completing the missions?

You cant.

Where are all the boats in vice city?

After completing some missions the dock near the colonel's boat will be unlocked and you will be able to get the boats from there.

How can you get to the second island in vice city?

by doing missions. there is a certain mission where you unlock the second island.

On grand theft auto Liberty City how many missions to get to the second island?

What I know is that its about 10 or so missions with Salvatore.

How do you get to the other island with out completing a mission in gta vice city for PC?

you can use cheat codes. Only cheat codes, the completion of the required missions and a very rare glitch can make the second principal island available.

Which property do you have to buy after you have completed the film asset missions in gta vice city?

You get to buy the film studio after completing the film asset. there are other missions going on along with the film asset.You can then buy poles position club.

How do I get the seapalne on Grand Theft Auto vice city?

Sea plane is available behind the film city.The plane is available after completing film studio missions.

Were is the hunter helicopter in gta vice city?

Hunter helicopter is a army FORT.The army fort is near air port at the last with the wall that is aligned with the sea.You can find hunter at the helipad near C missions after completing the missions.

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