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If there's no access point, it can't access the internet, simple as that.

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You need to examine your router to see if it has an AOSS button, not all routers do. If there isn't one, then you can't actually use the PSP's AOSS function.

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Q: How do you access the access point on psp?
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Do you pay for internet access on PSP?

A PSP is connecting to a wireless access point. Whoever pays for the point, is paying for the PSP's internet access.

Can you hack a PSP to have the internet?

PSPs can make already make connections with a wireless internet access point. There's no need to 'hack' the PSP, it's there by default. Of course, you need to know the SSID and passcode for that particular access point - 'hacking' that is illegal, and also nothing to do with the PSP itself.

Can you charge a psp even if it does not have low battery?

no you cant it will break confrigution access service detect point and will crash the psp settings and your psp will all data earse

Your house has internet but you dont have a roter do you need to buy a roter to use the internet on your psp?

You will need a wireless router or access point that is properly configured in the PSP

How do you get a ssid number for a psp 3000?

An SSID is the 'name' for a wireless access point. There's no 'button' for it, but you might mean the option to scan for wireless access points, this is done on the network settings while configuring a network connection on the PSP.

How do you get the hotspot access codes for PSP?

You could try at McDonalds' or Subway, they often have free wi-fi for customers.

How do you download games onto the PSP?

You access the PSN from the PSP's menu bar.

Can you get internet access with a PSP?


How you download Yoshi island game for psp?

It's on the PSN, you access it from the PSP menu.

How can you download PSP games to your PSP 3000 6.30 firmware and play?

You can access the PSN from the PSP's menu, you can purchase games from there and download them to the PSP.

What is the psp download game sight?

It's not a site as such, you access the PSN from the PSP's menu.

How do you transfer files to the PSP from the computer?

get a psp-usb cable attach to the top of your Psp and then your computer usb slot, it will then be in your computer, there you can access it